Market Review Under The Epidemic

March is particularly difficult for all offline flower shops. The business in the stores is falling off a cliff. There is no denying that the two-month outbreak of new lung disease has quietly changed consumers’ consumption psychology and habits. The outbreak of the epidemic intensified the online purchasing trend of consumers, and the number of online orders of fruits and vegetables increased greatly. However, the development of online sales business has become an important means of maintaining the survival of flower shops during the epidemic. This valentine’s day, although the origin of yunnan flower delivery difficulties, lower consumption and other issues, but the Shanghai flower angel member florist set up shop more than half of Shanghai flower love flower shop alliance in Meituan take-away, public comments on the sales, there is some “single”, even one night just before valentine’s day of online traffic flow over the past year the Tanabata day, flower shop entities to provide online service needs of customers in. “In the case that the epidemic has not fully recovered, more than 50% of the 38 flower shops this year have achieved sales of more than 10,000 yuan, while 23% of the flower shops have achieved the same performance as last year, and 12.6% have even surpassed the performance of last year.

Post time: Jun-11-2020