Organic Planting Pot Biodegradable Seedling Kit Indoor Outdoor Plants Seed Sstarter Cup Germination Trays

Organic Planting Pot Biodegradable Seedling Kit Indoor Outdoor Plants Seed Sstarter Cup Germination Trays

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Our pulp moulds are processed by precision machines like CNC machine, EDM, wire-cutting and so on. So you can get perfect molded pulp products with our pulp moulds. You also can produce diverse products by changing moulds.

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Spec.of Pulp Paper Seedling Tray
Model Top diameter(mm) Bottom diameter(mm) Height(mm) Weight(g)
PST4312A 43 28 45 40±2

1.Garden plants paper pulp nursery pot biodegradable seedling raising cups pulp seedling pot

2.4in Peat Pots for Garden Seedling Tray 100% Eco-Friendly Organic Germination Seedling Trays Biodegradable with Plant Markers

3. Custom disposable biodegradable paper pulp seeding cup garden plants nursery pots

4.Biodegradable Plant seeds grow Tray Flower Germination Disposable Nursery Pots

5.Large Peat Pots Plantable Pots for Starting Seeds Herbs Vegetables & Tomato Seedlings Organic Biodegradable Eco Friendly

6.Biodegradable paper pulp planting pots

7.Round paper pots seeds nursery seedling pots for flower planting and starting

8.30PC Biodegradable Fibre Seedling Pots 20 White Plastic Operation Stickers Eco Friendly Plant Peat Pot Planter Plant Cultivation

Product Advantages

1).Advanced technology: Product Can be made by different techniques to achieve different surface effects and price targets; 

2).Design Shape: Shapes can be customized;

3).Protection Capability: Can be made water-proof, oil resistant and anti-static; they are anti-shock and protective;

4).Advantages: the prices of molded pulp materials are very stable; lower cost than EPS; lower assembly costs; Lower cost for storage as most of the products could be stackable.

5).Application Areas: Can be widely used in electronics, cosmetics, food, medical industry, industrial line and many other industries.

6).Customized Design: We can provide free designs or develop products based on customers' designs;


① no peat

② light and affordable

③ Environmental protection

④ The raw material is recyclable corrugated paper

⑤ Degradable compost recycling

⑥ Safe to use, no sharp edges

⑦ Suitable for nursery and transplanting without damage to the root

⑧ takes up less space because it can be superimposed

Eco Friendly Material: 100% natural and biodegradable organic peat pots for healthy seedlings. Eco Friendly way to grow! Features: self-absorbing, breathable, biodegradable, suitable peat pots for seedlings, Just plant the whole pot without taking out the seedlings. Suitable for Saplings and starters: Round Peat pot 4 inch diameter Suitable for planting flowers, herbs, vegetables, strawberries, hanging plants, Saplings and so on. Prevent Transplant Shock: seedling starter trays, By becoming one with the root ball and promoting aeration, these starter peat pots are great for transplanting plants without causing root circulation or harm.

Leading Machinery supplies Aluminum Mould, Copper/Brass Mould and Resin Mould according to your requirements.


1.Q:When can I get the price?

A:We usually quote within 24 hours after we get you inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price ,please call us or tell us in you e-mall so that we will regard your inquiry priority

2.Q: Can you design for us?

Yes,we have professional designer ,we offer free design for you.

3.Q:What specifications do we need in a quotation?

We can quote in your production size details , width, thickness, color. printing method quantity and so on.

4.Q:Can you print our logo or company name ?

A:Yes,we could print your logo or company name on products.

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